Sexually Transmitted Diseases

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What media resources would be most helpful in a community health campaign for sexually transmitted diseases?

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In order to answer this, we should first think about who our target audience is.  Most likely, the bulk of our target audience will be relatively young people.  These are people who are most likely to be engaging in risky sexual behaviors.  Therefore, it seems that we would want to have media resources that would be most likely to reach these people.

In today’s world, that probably means that we would want to try to get social media resources.  Young people today are much less likely to be doing things like watching television, particularly live television.  They are somewhat more likely to listen to the radio, but they are just as likely to be using things like streaming music services online.

Therefore, we would probably want to have some radio resources, but more internet resources.  We would want to have people who are used to using things like Twitter and Instagram.  It would be particularly helpful if we could have access to people who are followed by many people on social media services like those.  This would probably be the best way to try to reach the people who are most at risk for contracting STDs.

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