what is the mechanism of ozonolysis of 1,2-btadiene? what the products of this ozonolysis?i want to see the structure of ozonoid formed in this case.

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I believe you are referring to 1,3 butadiene which is an important industrial chemical.

This is not a simple question because it depends on the reaction conditions such as temperature and pressure and what type of catalyst may be present, if any.

However, in general when an alkene - a carbon compound with a double bond - reacts with ozone, the products are either an aldehyde or a carboxylic acid depending on whether the reaction takes place under alkaline or acidic conditions.

To see the intermediate ozonoid structures I will refer you to the reference below.

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the mechanism is different from what i am looking for. Please help me out ! thanks.

i believe that two ozonoids are formed at the adjacent position which will cleave  oxidativly forming actaldehyde,carbondioxide and formaldehyde. please give me written mechanism of this.thanks



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