What measures are implemented to help people adapt to the risks or manage the destructive impacts of living near volcanoes?

Expert Answers
stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Different types of measures will be implemented near different volcanoes, depending on the resources available to the people and the area. However, some general examples that could be helpful to persons living close to active volcanoes could include:

-Community-wide communication system that quickly notifies residents of impending volcanic activity. This might be connected with civil defense sirens, might be made part of telephone or email notification networks, or other means of quickly distributing information.

-Posted and publicized routes out of the area, information regarding procedures to be taken if evacuation is required, and lists of supplies to have prepared for short-notice departure provided to residents.

-Utilization of construction methods and materials that could retard the destruction of buildings due to pressure or heat from lava flow (assuming the building was not in direct path).

-Utilization of barriers to impede or redirect the flow of lava