How can police and citizens work together to help prevent robberies?

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First, we must remember that robbery is different from burglary.  Burglary is when someone enters a home and takes from it by stealth or at least without the use of force.  Robbery is when someone takes from another person either by violence or by threat of violence.  This means that the measures that can be taken to prevent robbery are very different from those that can be taken to prevent burglary.  Most police-public cooperative efforts are things like neighborhood watches that are aimed against burglary.

If we are talking about preventing robbery, we are looking at an entirely different set of strategies.  On the police side, there are two main things that can be done.  First, the police can increase their patrols of areas where people are likely to be robbed.  Second, they can try to educate the public.  This is where the “working together” part comes in.  The police can tell people about such things as being sure to travel in groups at night or being sure not to look too prosperous when doing things like travelling on the subway.   The police can tell people to avoid certain areas at night as well.  The public’s part is to take these warnings to heart and to act on them.

It is, of course, not easy to prevent robberies even if police and civilians work together as much as possible.

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