What measures can an employer take to design a customer service job to make it both efficient for the company and motivating for the employee?  

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lrwilliams eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The first thing that comes to mind for me is the FISH Philosophy. This philosophy originated from a fish market in Seattle, Washington. The actual philosophy was developed by John Christensen after a visit to Pikes Place Fish Market. After observing how animated and happy the workers at the market were in filling the customers orders and the effect it seemed to have on the market's business Christensen formed the FISH Philosophy based on four principles.

1. Play - Have fun with your co-workers and the customers.

2. Be there - refers to being there for your co-workers, paying attention to tasks and details.

3. Make their Day - make customers feel like they are important, be interactive with the customer, make the customer feel like they are the most important thing.

4. Choose your attitude - Each morning choose how you are going to respond to situations and choose positively, also choose how you respond to adversity as it occurs throughout the day.

The FISH philosophy has been implemented by many companies of all types and found to be successful. There are books and training videos available also. The official website for the FISH philosophy is http://www.charthouse.com/content.aspx?name=home2


krishna-agrawala | Student

Motivation of employees is directly related with the rewards associated with the job. An employee will be highly motivated to work efficiently for the company, or may be highly devoted to objective of providing customer satisfaction, paying little attention to efficiency, depending on the reward from the job. Before we begin to start thinking about the ways of motivating the employees, we need to develop clarity about the levels of customer satisfaction and efficiency that the company wishes to aim at.

Once this is done, the company must design the customer service process that deliver the desired levels of customer satisfaction and efficiency. The motivation system for the employee can then be liked to the employee performance in relation to the process design. Thus the employee must be rewarded on the basis of the extent he or she has been able to create customer satisfaction while also acting within the framework of the prescribed service process design.

realworld | Student

In market any employers should think how much satisfaction their customers are having with their products/Services? Because the main aim of any customer sevice 's job is to see they are going with a smile.Butr there are some issues to be considered before thinking of customer's; satisfactions.

How the satisfaction of a customers derived? Is only through Customer service processes? I hope there something beyond this.Customer satisfaction not always linked customer service job of ant company and their employees efficiency.because,even though the product quality is high and price is affordable yet customers are limited with their income range and natural basic needs.

If any product/service quality is good and affordable customer may not think of how your sevice to them.go with smile.

If product/service quality are good but not affordable,even they want to buy, customers look at your service rendered to them.go with little ambiguity.

If product/service quality are worst  and not affordable,service rendered to them was excellent then no customer would come back to you.

For any business the quality and affordability is prominent and basic tenet for customer satisfaction.only service aims at to customer's satisfaction is always subservient to the quality and price.

For Example:

If in any restaurant with air-conditioned with sexy/polite and efficient employees renders service but offered three days back left-out food may leads to somany problems for both employees and employers however effiecient and qualified they are.