What is meant be polymerization and what happens in a polymerization reaction?Please give your answer simple but detailed!

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bandmanjoe eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Polymers are long chains of repeating compounds that are linked together to form a repetitive sequence.  Polymerization then, is the process, a chemical reaction, that produces the linking together of these compounds.  An example of a polymerization product is polyvinylchloride, or PVC.  Polyvinylchloride has found extensive use in the production of pipes of various lengths and diameters, in the plumbing and construction industry.  PVC pipe is relatively inexpensive and easy to cut and work with.  Polymers may be joined together by a linking mechanism, or may be produced by the elimination of another part of a pre-existing molecule, which opens an outlet to perform the linkage.  Polymerization is commonly thought to be the science of plastics, but it has evolved to be much more in-depth and have broader application than just plastic.

senioreeto | Student


the process in which many simple monomers(small molecules) join together to form a large complex macromolecule called poymer is called the "polymerisation'.e.g:

A + B + C +D ------>  A-B-C-D

monomers              polymer


polymerisation reaction is of two types:

  1. addition polymerisation:in which monomers simply join together to form a polymer.
  2. condensation polymerisation:in which the loss of some small molecule(like H2O) also takes place during the addition of monomers to form a polymer.