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What is common to the meangs of the terms  SINGLISH, HINGLISH, TAGLISH, YINGLISH, CHINGLISH AND SPANGLISH? my feeling is that this is an expression of combining the english language iwth other languages. 

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You are correct when you say that all of these terms refer to amalgamations of English and other languages.

As we know, English is a language that is used to some degree by people world-wide.  Because it is used by so many people as a second language, it comes to be combined with their native languages in their normal speech patterns.  This results in ways of speaking that combine both languages through either code-switching or borrowing or both, as in Spanglish. 

When someone is speaking “Taglish,” then, they speak Tagalog but throw in many English words and phrases.  When someone is speaking Spanglish, they speak Spanish with English words and phrases added.  These ways of speaking can in some cases eventually become creole languages (as Hawaiian Pidgin has and as linguists say Singlish has), but they often simply remain as hybrids with code-switching and borrowing rather than become actual new creoles.

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