What is meant by the quote "is like the sorcerer who is no longer able to control the power of the nether world he has called by his spells"?

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This quote is comparing capitalism to a spellcaster who has used spells too powerful to control once they've been spoken.

The implication is that even people who have control and think that they're capable of managing things can lose control and incite chaos. The modern society that Marx is writing about has lost its ability to control and maintain the status quo. He says that the bourgeois society can't stay static; in the past, society has experienced great upheavals during times of commercial crisis, and more of these are inevitable.

Marx believes that the inevitable outcome of this loss of control is an overthrow of the current system that makes way for communism. Everything else, to him, is simply a phase that must be passed through to reach the end result.

Capitalism and the society that supports it are the sorcerer, and the spells are the increase in production, industry, commerce, and finding new markets. The sorcerer has lost control of these and has put himself—society—into...

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