• What is meant by “national eating disorder”?  Do you find the idea credible?  Why?/why not?

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The term "national eating disorder" is applicable to several eating disorders that are of an unhealthy nature, some resulting in unhealthy eating practices, some resulting in a score of health problems, and some resulting in premature death.  Anorexia nervosa is one those eating disorders.  It is a mental condition where a person refuses to eat at all, fixated on their horror of gaining weight or being fat.  Another example is bulimia nervosa, which involves people binge eating on calorie-high foods, then purging those ingested foods by vomiting or the use of laxatives. People with anorexia appear abnormally thin, while people with bulimia are often well within their body weight.  As far as credibility, there are plenty of case examples of both anorexia and bulemia, enough that it should require medical study.  Famous people have died as a result of these two disorders; Karen Carpenter, half of the popular singing duo "The Carpenters", died as a result of anorexia nervosa at an early age.

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