What is meant by international business ethics? Should the local culture affect ethical prctices?

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International business ethics are moral principles that should be applied by businesses all around the world. These are values that can be universalized, and examples include not acting fraudulently, not stealing other company's property or ideas, and not embarking on marketing campaigns that would involve lying to customers.

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Let’s take a look first on the definition of Ethics, so it is otherwise known as as moral philosophy, or a branch of philosophy that has defending, systematizing, and recommending sets of concepts pertaining about the right and wrong conduct. It addition Ethics derived from the Greek word ethos that something talk about “character".  Since we are talking about International Business Ethics- It usually talks on the moral philosophy or about a form professional ethics or applied ethics that examines ethical principles or ethical problems that arise in a business environment.  Furthermore, it usually applies to all aspects of conduct in business and is something related or relevant to the conduct of individuals and whole organizations. Of course International Business Ethics has impact or could affect the local culture by the authority that  belongs in the business world-what I’m trying to say is that, money could be used by business minded people around the world just to stand for their set standards principles.