What is meant by international business ethics? Should the local culture affect ethical prctices?

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International business ethics are moral principles that should be applied by businesses all around the world. These are values that can be universalized, and examples include not acting fraudulently, not stealing other company's property or ideas, and not embarking on marketing campaigns that would involve lying to customers.

If we consider the term business ethics to mean a moral code applicable to businesses, then "international business ethics" refers to such a code that can be applied around the world.

Values such as the examples given above should be seen as non-negotiable in the business world. There is no culture in which activities such as fraud, corruption or theft can be tolerated.

There can be any number of ethical practices that are applied in certain regions by local cultures. Some of these, such as not allowing women to do business, should be discouraged, while others, pertaining perhaps to a particular way in which associates greet each other, do not have an impact on the ethical standards with which business is conducted.

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