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What is meant by disaster preparedness and mitigation?

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Disaster preparedness refers to the coordinated response in the wake of a natural calamity.  It involves ensuring that the affected people receive immediate services and assists with the transition to make life as close to pre- disaster conditions as possible.  In America, the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) is the structure by which disaster preparedness is evident.  Disaster preparedness, as seen with FEMA, can take a variety of forms.  One part is to coordinate ground efforts, making sure victims of natural disasters are eased of their suffering in as many ways as possible.  Another form is to ensure that small businesses can continue to operate, through assurances of small business loans that can help see further life for businesses after  a disaster hits.  At the same time, making sure that relief organizations are in constant communication with one another to ensure that services are properly delivered and applied is another part of the equation to disaster preparedness and mitigation, and something to which FEMA is strongly committed.

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