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What is meant by the democratic dilemma regarding science and technology?

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In an increasingly polarized society, the role of science and technology in a democratic society should not escape scrutiny. One dilemma posed by science and technology is to what extent science and technology should be democratized. In a perfectly balanced democratic environment, the rule of the majority is balanced with the needs of the minority. Majority rule does not give the majority the right to be authoritarian, ignoring the rights of the minority, nor does the minority have the right to disregard the political will of the majority only because it does not favor their position. There is a careful balance between the two where compromise seeks to accommodate the majority and minority. The dilemma is how to apply the compromise to science and technology.

If you accept the premise that science is an amoral pursuit of fact through objective and thorough investigation, then the notion of citizens having a say in science policy and the technology used to implement the policy is...

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