what is it meant by "art for art's sake"?

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This is a translation of a quote by Victor Cousin; the original French is "l’art pour l’art." When Cousin said it in the 19th century, he was describing art that served no ulterior motive. Cousin's "art" had no political, educational, or religious goal, but rather was created solely to be art.

Modern artists from all branches of the arts today use the quote to talk about their work as being creative instead of entrepreneurial. They are not making art to make money; they are making art because they love to make art. It is an end in itself.

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the slogan is translated from French which was first used by Victor Cousin.It means that arts  themselves are sufficient for pursuing them.art does not have to serve any purpose taken from politics, religion etc.This phrase expresses the belief held by many artists and writers associated with aestheticism,that art needs no justification.It is an end in itself and does not pursue any social, moral or political goal.

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