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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In a broad sense, academic writing is that writing which fulfills a purpose of education, such as writing by students in fulfillment of an assignment, or writing by educators for professional publications.  However, within this arena, there are different approaches by various professors in their own classroom.  Nevertheless, there are yet some standards that hold in most cases:

1.  The avoidance of the first-person and the second person.  Unless the writer is composing a process paper in which he/she directs someone how to do something, the objective third person should be employed.

2.  An objective point of view that does not admit emotional perspective or response by the writer.

3.  In the writer's analysis, the writer strives for the reader's intellectual response, rather than emotional.  The writer must present the reader with an informed argument.

4.  The use of Standard English that avoids the informal or colloquial.  This includes the avoidance of contractions, cliches, and triteness.

5.  The writer's topic must be of interest to other academics.