What does "off topic" mean?

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If something is off topic it is not related to the subject or topic that it is supposed to be discussing.

There are a number of different situations where you might encounter this phrase, but it basically always means the same thing.  For example, if I assign a student to write an essay on freedom of speech and he starts to write about how the US government is spending too much money, I will tell him this is off topic.  He was supposed to write about freedom of speech, not about how much the government is spending.  Someone can also introduce a subject that is off topic in an oral discussion.

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yea, Mr.pohnpei397 said it with detailed..i am also agree withi his opinions...off topic means it is completely out of desired topic. If yoiu are assigned to write about a global warming and you are started to write about faorite musical shows, it is said to be off topic...it is completely another track...so i hope you understood what i meant...