What are the meanings of the following quote from "To Kill a Mockingbird"?"Tim was a liver-colored bird dog, the pet of maycomb"  

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This quote is found in chapter 10; in this chapter, Atticus surprises his children by showing that he is a remarkable shot with a gun.  They didn't know that he could shoot at all, and he goes out into the middle of the street, and without seeming to even try, he shoots a rabid dog to keep it from doing any harm.  That rabid dog happens to be Tim Johnson, that the quote is about.  It simply means that Tim Johnson was a brownish color (liver-colored), who used to help hunters when they went bird hunting by rustling birds from trees or going to fetch their bodies after they had been shot down (that's what a bird dog is).  And, Tim Johnson just happens to be a bit of a stray; he wanders about Maycomb, and people feed him as needed.  He is kind-of like the pet of the entire city, even though technically, "Mr. Harry Johnson" was his official owner.

One day Scout and Jem are out playing and see him coming their direction, and acting very strange.  It turns out he is rabid, and very dangerous, so Atticus goes out and uses Heck Tate's rifle to kill him before he can hurt anyone.  Jem is particularly proud of his dad; before, he had been a bit disappointed that his dad didn't do anything super cool, and to see his dad shoot like that was quite a boost for him.

For your other quotes, you'll need to submit one a day, as that is the allowance on this site.  Good luck with them, and I hope that I was able to help with this one.

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