what is the meaning of velocity?

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Hey Aneesh! I am astrosonu - Velocity is not really speed ok. Speed means distance * time. Velocity is driving at a speed in a curve road.

And speed means how fast it goes. There are many types of velocities - Constant, changing, istant, terminal which you will study in higher classes. SI unit of velocity is metre per second.


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velocity is the displacement in unit time

to calculate (v=displacement/time)

velocity is not speed its a wrong statement. speed is distance travelled in unit time. 

velocity is a vector quantity which has magnitude and direction.

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Velocity is simply speed in a given direction. Speed is defined as dist/time, so velocity would be dist/time with a direction (ex. westward.) 

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Velocity is described as a vector that has magnitude and direction. Also associated with the change in direction of an object at a certain speed. Velocity is defined as rate = distance over time. If something goes farther in a short amount of time, the rate increases. If something a shorter distance in a longer time, the rate decreases. Overall, velocity deals with how fast an object is going a certain distance in the amount of time.