What is the meaning of Treasure Island?

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It is probably a mistake to inquire too deeply into the meaning of Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island. He wrote it mainly for the purpose of entertaining boys with a story involving treasure maps, pirates, travel, danger, adventure, and a rich reward. According to the Introduction in the eNotes Study Guide (see reference link below):

Treasure Island is considered one of the first adventure stories written specifically for adolescents without an obvious emphasis on teaching morals. This is not to say that Robert Louis Stevenson's novel about a young boy is without lessons but rather that its emphasis is a coming-of-age story filled with challenges, fears, and triumphs like any exciting and fun-filled journey of exploration. The lessons are learned through the characters' decisions and mistakes, which makes them more lifelike and less didactic.

Jim Hawkins is a young lad who sets off the whole adventure by finding the treasure map and interesting the grown men in outfitting a ship and...

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