What is the meaning of the title, "Nectar in a Sieve"

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The title refers to the precariousness of life.  "Nectar" is the drink of the gods:  it is sweet, rich in nutrition, and in general refers to any delicious or invigorating drink. But what happens when put in a sieve?  It of course leaks through into the ground or what ever else is beneath it, but once it leaks through the sieve, it no longer has the power to give joy and vigor.  Such is the life of the protagonist:  it is rich but very precarious.  The rice she grows is constantly threatened by monsoons or other disasters, yet she loves it and loves to run her fingers through it for it represents life itself.  Thus, nectar is equated with rice which is equated with life, and the sieve constitutes all those things that make the nectar (rice, life) difficult to hold onto.

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nectar in a sieve means happiness in life of poor people which comes for a very short while and seeps in the ground as nectar seeps fom a sieve. nectar symbolises abundance n health both of which are rare in the life of poor peple. however they try to make their lives stable but prosperity cant b with them forever n its lost drop by drop as necter from a  sieve.........

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