What is the meaning of the title Nectar in a Sieve?

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Another interpretation of the title Nectar in a Sieve may be that in life much of what one values may sift away, yet there is still something left, some hope, for which one must continue to strive. Throughout the narrative, Rukmani meets with many challenges against which she is often uncertain, but she learns to establish constancy in her soul by cherishing the nectar of positive and valuable qualities of life and its memories. By doing so, she becomes able to withstand hardships and the uncertainties of life as she adapts to whatever comes before her. Throughout her life, Rukmani adjusts to the changes that life brings and seeks the nectar of hope in spite of the hardships that she must endure. She always remembers the words of her husband: “Bend like the grass, that you do not break.” 

Throughout the narrative of Nectar in a Sieve , Rukmani suffers many losses, yet her endurance is strengthened as she holds to the...

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