What is the meaning of this sentence by  J. L. Austin :"How to Do Things With Words"?language and social context

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clairewait eNotes educator| Certified Educator

JL Austin is considered a philosopher of language.  How to do Things with Words is a transcription of his lectures at Harvard, in which he directly attacked a predominant philosophical theory that the purpose of sentences was to state truth (in philosophy).  He says we use sentences to do more than simply state what is.  We tell jokes, ask questions, give commands, insult, make promises, etc.

He method distinguishes what we say, what we mean when we say it, and what we accomplish by saying it.  He does this by defining a three part speech act, in which certain words, phrases or sentences can fall into one of three categories (which he created) that will designate what these sentences can accomplish.

vickybcc | Student

i think it states about doing things favour him with his speech.it plays major role at all time.one can attract through his speech..i think am right


hnia-star | Student

thank you all for your help

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