What is the meaning of "Love Armed" by Aphra Behn?May I know the use of figures of speech in this poem and the meaning behind the poem itself?

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The poem "Love Armed", by Aphra Behn, contains multiple figures of speech (or literary devices).

The first line contains personification (the giving of human characteristics to non-human/ non-living things).

Love in Fantastic Triumph sat

Love is personified. Love cannot sit; humans sit.

While there are many examples of personification throughout the poem (as defined above) the most prominent is the giving of Triumph the ability to take away things from the speaker. The speaker is basically stating that he cannot obtain triumph given it has taken everything away from him in order for him to be defeated.

The poem seems to be (given poetic interpretation is given to an individual reader) about a love stolen from the speaker. The speaker has lost his love to another and, with the love gone, has lost everything that has meant anything to him.

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personnification. true. 

but the first answer do not understand the meaning quite much.

mark that the author being a female. 

the poem personifies ‘love’, and as a persona, he takes from two other personas, one female, and the other a man. it  described the fact that a man and a woman was ever in love. she was caught by his bright eyes; in this relationship, the girl experienced sighs and tears, while the man shew pride and haughtiness. generally so.:D my opinion. 

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