Te Amo Meaning

What is the meaning of 'Te Amo' in English and which language is this phrase an example of.

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The phrase you have quoted is well known for being included in a number of films and other such texts. Literally, it can be translated to mean "I love you." It is an example of the Spanish language. The phrase consists of an object pronoun, "te," which is used to refer to the "you" of the translation. Then it includes the first person singular form of the verb to love, "amar," which becomes "amo" in its form here. As you can imagine, such an important phrase is very famous as Spanish is a language that is spoken by vast numbers of the world's population. It might be a good idea to take even a basic beginner's course in Spanish so that you can understand more of this important language. The phrase you have quoted is incredibly important if you are looking to marry a Spanish speaker :-)

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The meaning of this phrase, translated into English, is "I love you."  The phrase is from the Spanish language.

The word "te" in this phrase means "you."  It is a form of the word "you" that shows that the word is the object of the verb in the sentence.  The word "amo" is a conjugation of the word "amar," which means "to love."  "Amo" is the present tense of the verb.  The word "amo" is used with the word "yo" which means "I."  In this phrase, the word "yo" can be dropped because the "amo" makes it clear that "I" am the one who is loving "you."

marcellus1 | Student

Te amo is a sentence in Spanish language, it means I love you.

givingiswinning | Student

It means I love you in spanish

atyourservice | Student

It means I love you, and it is spanish

rawrxsierraa | Student

i love you :)

it's spanish

snickel1 | Student

answer is simple...DONT SPEAK SPANISH...