What is the meaning of the safe beach in Doris Lessing's short story, "Through the Tunnel?"

Expert Answers
tinicraw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The safe beach is populated with mothers and children, mostly, and the sand is soft and warm. This image suggests that the safe beach represents a peaceful place of security, stability, and shelter. Juxtaposed to this beach is the section of beach that is surrounded by rocks, native boys without supervision, and a mysterious swimming hole. When Jerry decides to go to the new and mysterious part of the beach, he still looks over to check and make sure that the safe beach, and his mother, are still there. For the eleven-year-old Jerry, he knows that safety is still close, but that he can learn on his own about the scarier or more intense parts of life away from this mother. For us today, the safe beach is anywhere one might feel sheltered and safe.