What is the meaning of reaction time?I'm learning about motion & forces in science.

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jerichorayel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

reaction time is the time required for a certain act to be finished. in general it is the time after something has been accomplished.. or in other term it is the time that has elapsed when something has changed.

for example:

how much time is needed for a certain object to travel from point a to point b? 

how much time is needed to melt 2 grams of gold metal. 


 im most cases reaction time is a term used in chemistry when the reaction of a certain chemical is measured up to its completion. 

hope these helps ;)


parama9000 | Student

Basically, in lame man terms, it it simply the time something takes to react.

For example:

How much time is needed to convert sugar into caramel (heat it).

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