What is the meaning of the pigs typing reports?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that the significance of the pigs' typing reports represents a couple of elements to show that the power of the pigs is firmly embedded in Animal Farm.  On one hand, the pigs' typing represents the level of bureaucracy that provides a sense of control over the farm.  The fact that they are typing indicates an importance that the pigs have, something official.  This is the construction of Napoleon and Squealer in how the pigs hold more fundamental power than the other animals.  The typing of reports is an extension of Squealer's own idea that everything has to be official and codified for all to see.  Regardless that this is merely propaganda and really has little in way of truth, the pigs' typing brings a level of formality to the lies and deception in which  the pigs' government is rooted.  I think that the other level of significance to the pigs' typing shows how there will be a hierarchy of value established by the government.  The pigs who type reports will always be seen as more worthwhile and more valid than those who merely exist and in typing the reports, a further level of superiority is embedded in the government and social order of Animal Farm.