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What is the meaning of the paragraph starting with "for the second point: the causes and motives, ... in the meantime and reserve it" in the essay "Of Anger"? Can you please paraphrase it and also explain the deeper meaning of the motives of anger Bacon is talking about siting examples from real life so that it will be easy to understand. I find it difficult to comprehend the essay as it is written in old English.

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In this paragraph, Bacon basically describes what he thinks are the causes of anger.  Consider the first point.

First, to be too sensible of hurt; for no man is angry, that feels not himself hurt; and therefore tender and delicate persons must needs be oft angry; they have so many things to trouble them, which more robust natures have little sense of.

To paraphrase, Bacon is saying the sensitive people get their feelings hurt easily in ways that less sensitive people don’t realize.  They get angry when most people normally wouldn’t.

The next is, the apprehension and construction of the injury offered, to be, in the circumstances thereof, full of contempt: for contempt is that, which putteth an edge upon anger, as much or more than the hurt itself.

This is Bacon’s second point.  People who worry that someone will wrong them are full of contempt, or strong dislike, and tend to be angrier. Bacon contends that people who expect to be wronged by someone basically go about grumpy and interpreting everything that happens as being intentionally against them.  Contempt is worse than just anger, Bacon argues.

Lastly, opinion of the touch of a man's reputation, doth multiply and sharpen anger.

Basically, people who are worried about their reputation tend to be angrier.  They are so worried about what other people think of them that any imagined damage to their reputation angers them.

At the end of this paragraph, Bacon proposes a solution for these anger problems.

But in all refrainings of anger, it is the best remedy to win time; and to make a man's self believe, that the opportunity of his revenge is not yet come, but that he foresees a time for it; and so to still himself in the meantime, and reserve it.

Essentially, people should stop and wait when they become angry.  Then they will be calmer and won’t do something they will regret.  You’ll get your revenge later if it is necessary.



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