What is the meaning of morphology and phonology? What's the different between them?

thirdgraderocks | Student

Oh, how I love linguistics! In simple terms, morphology is the study of theĀ formation of words and their internal structure. Phonology is the study of sound systems and units of sound (think phon=sound---like a telephone).

batmanandi17 | Student

Phonology is the study of sounds, but it is not limited to one language or sound system. All sound systems known can be taken into account here. The study deals with different phones, their place and manner of articulation, fortis/lenis and voiced/voiceless. Phones are the smallest linguistic unit distinguishing meaning. If you want to compare the sounds of one language to each other, the field of study is called phonetics.

Morphology is the study of units carrying meaning. This means that word structure and word formation plays an important role. A morpheme is the smallest linguistic unit carrying meaning. An example: the word "singer" consists of two morphemes: {sing} + {-er}. {sing} is a verb and the suffix {-er} changes the world class to a noun. {-er} therefore carries the meaning of a person that does something.

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