What is the meaning of MATHEMATICS?

krishna-agrawala | Student

We all seem to know what is mathematics, but when it comes to define it we seem to fail completely. A dictionary meaning of mathematics could be a science dealing with study of quantities and their relationships expressed in numbers and other special symbols.

Some people describe mathematics more of a language in which every symbol and every combination has precise meaning which can be determined by application of logical rules. This language can be used to describe and analyze any thing in the universes. This tall claim about mathematics will not appear all that far fetched when you consider that all the wonderful things that are done by computers today is are done using computer programs that ultimately use just two symbols that are equivalent ti the numerals 1 and 0 of mathematics.

lucario | Student

Math = life

neela | Student

Mathematics helps counting. It helps measuring. It helps copmaring things.Addition, subtraction , multiplication and divisions are the basic operations of the mathematics, through which we can define and develop many more operations siuiting our practical situation.

Counting could be in different fashions from the premitive man to the present day.Probably it is the basic necessity for the man to understand how many things he possessed. The different system of numbers in different countries itself shows how our elders tried to explore the ways to count.

Measuring or quantifying is another way of bringing any characteristics under mathematics. Converting characteristics like length, volume, mass , velocity, acceleration are all the ways of understanding in science.  Quality could also be suitably quantified.Example: Who is our best  person ? - You can test by votes, which is one way of deciding through  mathematics.

atyourservice | Student

The dictionary definition is as follows:

 the systematic treatment ofmagnitude, relationships between figures and forms, andrelations between quantities expressed symbolically.

adarshanurag | Student

M - Master

A- Accuracy

T - Talent

H - Hard work

E - Efficiency

M -  Minuteness

A - Adventurous

T - Time Management

I - Ideas

C - Confidence

S - Sensible and smartness

love-math | Student

According to Scholastic Children’s Dictionary (1996) mathematics is “the study of numbers, quantities, shapes, and measurements and how they relate to each other.” Think of mathematic as the science of how we use and interrupt the things around us using numbers.

Remember that numbers represent a quantity. Think back in 1st grade when you had to add ▲▲▲ and ▲▲, what you probably didn’t realize (even like most adults) is that the symbol for the quantity of ▲▲▲ was 3 and the symbol for the quantity for ▲▲ was 2.

randomperson | Student

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user7509229 | Student

the meaninf of mathematics mathematics helps counting it helps of measuring it helps comparing things addition ,subtraction ,multiplication and division are the basic operation of mathematics through which we can define and develope many move operations sitting our practical situation