What is the meaning of "Love Armed" by Aphra Behn? May I know the use of figures of speech in this poem and the meaning behind the poem itself?

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"Love Armed" is song from the play Abdelazar [sometimes spelled Abdelazer] or, The Moor's Revenge, by Aphra Behn, her only tragedy

In the first stanza, Love is personified as a cruel tyrant who sits in "Triumph" amid the destruction he has wrought. Blood flows all around from "bleeding hearts," and, as if that is not enough, Love continues to cause "fresh pains." He is depicted as taking "fire" from bright eyes and hurling this as a weapon, amusing himself with the suffering he inflicts. After this generalized description of the carnage Love has wrought, the speaker becomes more personal in the last couplet of the stanza: Love has taken enough "desire" or unrequited love from the speaker to "undo the Amorous world."

In the second stanza, the poem contrasts the differing effects of love on the speaker and the speaker's beloved. Love takes...

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