What is the meaning of life?  Is it to help people or to be the best I can be?

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jeew-m eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a nice question. You better start a discussion in this.

I will give my opinion on this.

I think both of you are correct and both are wrong.

There are situations we cannot follow the religion. Imagine you are in a jungle. A lion comes your way. You know that he is going to kill you. But you have a gun with you. Now what will you do. Your religion might say killing an animal is wrong. But will that be applied here. You will definitely kill the lion for the sake of your path. But this comes very rarely in your life. So live with your religion is better. Because a religion is designed to tell you how to live.

But knocking everyone in your path is not good for a better life. Always you have to live with cooperation with others. Who knows the man you knock own today might be useful to you some other day. If we knock him down today you will not get his help some other day. You might argue with me that there are lot of people where you can get help. But its better to keep a known devil than seeking for a unknown god.

Every person you knock down on your way is a threat to you. Because they are waiting to knocking you down when they get a chance.