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juneamy007 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many forms of life on just this one planet.  However, I will assume you mean human life.  The answer to that question is subjective.  It is personalized by each and every human being.  That being said, I will attempt to share with you what is my concept of the meaning of life.

First, you must understand that I have a spiritual concept to life.  I believe that there is an energy that is larger than my mere physical being.  The energy that inhabits this human shell is my life.  It is like water flowing through pipes, or electricity moving through wires; once it is free from the physical constraints that channel it, it reunites with its larger nature. That being said I have an opportunity to use that energy to power my body and be able to absorb all the sensations available here on Earth.

I can use it to love or hate.  I can learn to channel it for good or evil.  I can ignore it and simply go through the motions of "living" until that energy ceases to fuel this body.  

I choose to live my life in service to others.  That is why I am attempting to provide you with an answer to your question.  I choose to channel my energy in a positive way.  For example, I try to choose the path that will have a beneficial outcome.  I choose to seek solutions to problems vs. complaining about them.  

I have used this body to procreate that was not necessarily the meaning for my life.  Had I not done so, it would not have made my life any less meaningful.  I would still be able to use this body, and its senses, to appreciate and interact with other life in a positive way and on a variety of levels.  

As I stated before, the meaning of life is subjective.  I can only hope that you appreciate the fact that you are alive.  I hope that you use that life in a positive way.

laragovendo | Student

The answer is custom to the individual and must be answered as such. However, there are certain questions that are broad enough for you to answer in order to find the meaning of life out for yourself. 

What are you passionate about?

What brings you joy?

Whatt brings you peace?

What gives you a presence of love?

How do you serve others?

Ultimately, the meaning of life is different for everyone. It is about findng your own path and feeling of fulfillment. It's a constant journey of growth, developing as a person. You have to decide for yourself what is important to you and trust that God will lead your steps towards the path you were meant to be on.