Other than an act of love, what is the meaning or symbolic meaning of Juliet giving her ring to Romeo, as seen in Act 3, Scene 2 of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet?

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The symbolism and meaning of Juliet giving Romeo a ring, as expressed in the line, "O, find him! give this ring to my true knight," is actually very interesting because it actually defies tradition (III.ii.147). In Renaissance England and Italy, a ring was exchanged at the point of betrothal. The betrothal was a ceremony held in which the couple sealed their intentions to marry, as well as the rights to transfer possessions. Certain symbolic actions took place that later became part of the wedding ceremony, such as the man giving his fiancee a ring and a kiss, as well as the man joining hands with his betrothed's family in order to symbolize the right to acquire her possessions from her father. However, the betrothal ceremony was not the actual wedding ceremony and no physical union could take place before the actual wedding ceremony. It was not uncommon for couples to sometimes have to wait years before the actual wedding ceremony (Thomas, "Medieval and...

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