What is the meaning of the Jamestown fort?  

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thetall eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Jamestown fort was the first English settlement in America and also formed the first colony of the British Empire. The area exists today only as an archaeological site after it was deliberately burned down during Bacon’s Rebellion. After rebuilding, the headquarters was moved to modern day Williamsburg. This led to the subsequent movement of the people to the new capital, abandoning the original Jamestown settlement. The fort acquired its name from King James I, and was used to protect the settlers from invasion by the Virginia Indian communities.

Native American Indians specifically the Powhatan Indians had also settled in the surrounding region but avoided Jamestown because the area was not suitable for agriculture and the vast brackish water pools were unsuitable for drinking. The Powhatan Indians welcomed the colonists warmly with Indian ceremonies however the relationship soured after the colonists began appropriating land in the Indian territories.

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