What is the meaning of James Blunt's song "no bravery?" What is the song about?

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spottedslinky eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I was unfamiliar with the song so I did some preliminary research. I found the lyrics, and also found a video made with that song as the background. If you are unfamiliar also, I suggest you do the same. I believe "he" is symbolic of the American soldier in Iraq. The song questions our country's motives for being there, and interprets the soldier's current attitudes toward being there. I get the impression the narrator thinks the soldiers are no longer sure of the reason either. Instead of feeling "brave," they are merely "sad."

 I also think this song leaves a great deal of room for personal interpretation. Maybe look at it in a variety of contexts. Good luck.

what he means is that people no matter who they are can suffer and have no hope. He then lists various of examples in the song that people go through and then says the things that he has gone through

cacarulo | Student

No no no. You've got it all wrong. It DOES NOT refer to the American invasion to Irak, how large your ego must be that you found a way to make this song about the United States when the singer is not even North American and there is not an allusion to that war in particular. James Blunt was part of a sort of peace army, he spent time in Kosovo and while he was there wrote this song. It talks not about one war, but all of them. When he says 'and I see no bravery, no bravery, in your eyes any more, only sadness' he means that the soldiers that were at first eager to complete this that they saw as a 'patriotic duty', are now sad and shocked by the awful actions they performed as they come to realise how much pain and destruction they have caused.

I hope you find this useful. Greetings