What is the meaning of the following statement: The average speed that maroga's taxi used from mankweng to polokwane was 110km/h

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The term "average" is a concept that is used to try to tell us something about what value can most accurately tell us about a sample as a whole.  In this case, what this average tells us is about what speed the taxi was likely to be going at any point in the trip.

So if you measured the speed of the taxi at any point in the journey, the most likely speed would have been 110 kph.

The way you find an average speed is to take the distance traveled and divide it by the time that was taken to travel that distance.

Let us imagine that the distance traveled was 30 km.  How long would the trip take at 110 kph?

We set up an equation

30/x = 110/1

Now we cross multiply and we get

30 = 110x

We divide both sides by 110 and we get

x = .27

So we know the trip took .27 hours if the distance between these two points is 30 km.

neela | Student

The average of several values  is got by adding all the values and dividing by the number of values.

The maroga's taxi  could have gone at different speeds at different times. Then the total distance travelled divided by the total time the taxi took to finish the complete distance is the average speed.

As a particular simple example ( constructed for the purpose please) , the taxi might have travelled 75km/h for 1 hour , 120km for hours and  115km for 3 hours.

Then the total distance travelled = (75*1+120*2+115*3)kms = 660kms.

The total time taken to complete the travel = (1+2+3) hrs = 6 hrs.

Then the average speed of the taxi = Total distance travelled /total time taken for the travel = 660km/6h = 110km/h.

The average gives an over all information.