What is the meaning of covalent properties of ionic compound? Is it because of the distortion?

cgrant2 | Student

Covalent compound and ionic compound are two different types of compounds. Covalent bonds share electron equally and ionic bonds have an unequal sharing of electrons. Even though covalent molecules can experience polarity (due to the electronegativity of the atoms in the compound), ionic bonds are more polar in some cases. The only elements that could have both covalent and ionic  properties are metalloids on the periodic table. Non-metals compounds form covalent bonds because they are more electronegative and have a  lower ionization energy. On the other hand, metals compounds form covalent bonds because they are less electronegative and have a high ionization energy. In terms of distortion, a compound containing metal and non-metal elements have have balanced distribution of ions between anions (negative charge) and cations (positive charge). This occurs when the electrons are more drawn to the cation than the anion. This could make the compound more covalent than ionic. 

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