What is the meaning of "Britain's Imperial Dynasty" by Wilfred Blunt?

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Wilfred Scawen Blunt was renowned throughout his lifetime for his consistent—and very public—hostility toward British imperialism. As a member of the social elite, Blunt might have been expected to support Britain's imperial mission. Indeed, he'd served as a diplomat for over a decade, placing him at the very heart of Britain's foreign policy establishment. Yet Blunt developed an implacable hostility towards British imperialism. His involvement in agitation against British rule in Ireland even landed him a short spell in prison.

In the extracts from his diary that constitute "Britain's Imperial Destiny," Blunt offers a scathing critique of what he sees as the sham of the so-called civilizing mission of empire. He frankly welcomes what he hopes will be the imminent demise of the British Empire, describing it as "the greatest engine of evil for the weak races now existing in the world." In a highly colorful metaphor Blunt likens the Empire to gangrene, which doesn't just infect...

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