What is the meaning of biopysical development?How would you discribe it?

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crmhaske eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Biophysical development is essentially the label that encompasses all of the physical, biological changes your body goes through as it develops in the womb, through infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and into old age.

The first few years of life show the most rapid development with a child growing three times their birth weight and size.  During the preschool years motor skills begin to improve, as does visual acuity.  Movements become more planned, and less sporadic.  Around the ages of 5 or 6 the body begins to become leaner, and the lower portion of the body catches up to the development of the upper portion of the body.  With this comes more balance, and agility.  Puberty hits in adolescence as the body undergoes hormonal changes preparing the body for reproduction.  At about 25 years of age your frontal lobes are fully developed.  It is around this time that you are as at the top of your game as you will ever be.  From you begin a very, very gradually decline in cognitive capacity that increases sharply around 60.  The more cognitively active a person is, the less pronounced this is; however, there is no known way to stop or reverse it.  In old age the body begins to slowly deteriorate as the cells reach the end of their life span.

And then, well, nobody has ever really come back to tell us what, if anything, happens next.

ksmit350 | Student

Thank you so much for that answer it makes a lot of sense now. Cheers