What does bhp in cars represent? What is the value of 1 bhp?

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In a car the engine using the fuel that is burnt produces power. This is used to move the car and is distributed to all the components that consume power. One of the units for representing power is bhp or brake horse power. This is the power produced by engine before accounting for the loss in power due to the gearbox, the pumps, the shaft, etc. which help transfer the power to the wheels.

Power is measured in terms of watt in the SI system. It automobiles the commonly used unit is bhp. The unit bhp was initially used when engines started to replace horses in moving automobiles. The bhp was used by James Watt to represent a force of 180 pounds applied by a horse that moves 2.4*2*pi*12 feet per minute. This gives a power of 33,000 ft·lbf/min.

One bhp is equal to a power of 33,000 ft·lbf/min.

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BHP means break horse power..BHp usually measures the brake engine availability of the dynomometer.The operator needs to hold the engine at steady rpm and how much amount of force the brake needs to hold the engine at steady rpm..