What is the meaning of the poem "I am Joaquin"?

Expert Answers
juneamy007 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I Am Joaquin is about the search for one's identity.  

It examines the identity of heritage, ancestry, and roots.  It calls forth the memories of the men and women of the land where he was born.  It pays tribute to the heroes and conquerors who risked their lives to preserve and protect the very earth from which they gained their sustenance. It calls forth a primal pride.

It also recognizes the changes that he has made in order to integrate into the present world where he lives.  It shows the anguish when the past does not support the present.  He laments the changes he has made that would dishonor his ancestors in order to fit in with his peers.

I Am Joaquin is about the complexities of becoming a citizen of the world.