What is the meaning of this line & quote: If Winter comes, cann Spring by far behind?What is the meaning of this quote: "If winter comes, can...

What is the meaning of this line & quote: If Winter comes, cann Spring by far behind?

What is the meaning of this quote: "If winter comes, can spring be far behind?

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anthonda49 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This famous line from a poem by Percy B. Shelley is frequently quoted whenever a type of situation arises. Winter is considered the time of death. The trees have lost their greenery, and animals are not as active. Winter is tough to survive. What keeps life going is the remembrance of spring, which follows winter as sure as the sun rises in the east. Life has a cycle just as the seasons do. After a time of death comes a time of rebirth and renewal. Spring is the time for this rebirth of life, with young ones being born and plant life budding.  Another quote that follows in the footsteps is, "It's always darkest before the dawn".

eilarmos | Student

Countries with 4 seasons follow this order: SPRING->SUMMER->AUTUMN->WINTER, such is a cycle. Using symbolism, we may interpret the quote based on human's life cycle and the actual observations/experiences that we could associate for each seasons:

Spring symbolizes birth and rebirth, as trees begin to grow new leaves and young plants begin to sprout.

Summer symbolizes youth and energy, as this season brings warm and lively atmosphere.

Autumn symbolizes old age, because like the leaves that falls, human life begins to fade during old age.

Finally, Winter symbolizes death, the last season, the last stage of life, cold, freezing, lifeless...

Now, if we are going to place Winter face to face with Spring, considering the symbolisms that we associated with them: BIRTH face to face with DEATH; or if we will put these words in place of winter and spring we could come up with this: If DEATH comes, can BIRTH be far behind? Then we could now have a more meaningful reflection.

Death is negative, as associated by the freezing cold of winter. We may also link this concept with mourning, sadness, gloom, lamentation, chaos, hell, etc. and if anyone is at this state (literally or figuratively), it is but expected that a person will look forward to experience life again (literally or figuratively)... Rebirth! New life, revival, new hope, spring...