What are Mayella's injuries in To Kill a Mockingbird?

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mrwickline eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Throughout Chapter 17, Sheriff Tate gives a description of Mayella’s injuries when he is on the witness stand during the Tom Robinson case. After solicitor Gilmer asks Tate to recall his story, Sheriff Tate begins to describe how Mayella looked pretty beat up. He said that Mayella had been beaten around the head and there were bruises starting to form on her arms. (17.224) Tate also mentions that she had a black eye. After Atticus questions Sheriff Tate in regards to which eye was bruised, he confirms that it was her right eye. In addition to her black eye, Mayella  also suffered marks to the right side of her face and neck. When Mayella showed Sheriff Tate her neck, he identified finger marks around her gullet. Tate says that the bruises on her neck went the whole way around.

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