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As Synge's play Riders to the Sea begins, the old Aran fisherwoman, Maurya, has already lost four of her six sturdy sons, her husband & her father-in-law from time to time in the sea. Her fifth son, Michael, has been missing for the last nine days. Maurya, a helpless mother, waiting with new boards to prepare a coffin, goes down to the sea everyday if Michael's dead body is washed ashore.

As her sixth and only surviving son, Bartley, decides to go to the Galway fair to sell the two horses on a day when the sea is suspected to turn from 'middling bad' to worse, Maurya desperately tries to prevent him, for she has a strong premonition that Bartley, riding to the sea, would be another rider to death, and Bartley's death would 'leave her destitute with no son living'.

Maurya's primary concern is to dissuade the last male member of her family from embracing death. An old suffering mother, Maurya warns Bartley against the impending perils of the sea. She has seen 'a star up agaist the moon' which is a premonition of some disaster.She argues that even the prices of a thousand horses would be nothing compared to the value of the life of a son to her mother, when 'there is one son only'. As Bartley ignores his mother's entreaties and goes out, Maurya regrets & laments, and fails to give her son the blessing.

An old, bereaved mother waiting for the body of her fifth son to give him a clean burial, shows her primary concern to hold Bartley back from riding to death.

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The play is a picture of helplessness of a mother in her hopless struggle with the sea  so i think her she is afraid of loosing her sixth son bartley she want from him to stay there is no man with her and her daughters .at the final she hoped to see all her sons front of her. she accepted the death of her men she want ot be with them

(she hoped death)

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