Fever 1793 Questions and Answers
by Laurie Halse Anderson

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What are Mattie's likes and dislikes in Fever 1793?

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Mattie dislikes work and cleaning, though she has to do a great deal of work in her mother's coffeehouse. She particularly dislikes working in the heat and getting up early, and she longs for winter. 

One place she loves is the waterfront in Philadelphia, and she enjoys escaping from the coffee shop where she has to work to see the docks. Mattie is particularly fond of Eliza, the freeborn African who cooks at the coffee shop that Mattie's family runs, and she is secretly fond of Nathaniel Benson, the young man who flirts with her. She also likes the idea of being an entrepreneur and owning an entire block of stores, including a dry goods store where she can sell imported French goods such as combs and jewelry to the ladies of Philadelphia. She enjoys thinking about working for herself, and she does not particularly like the idea of her mother marrying her off to a rich eligible suitor such as Edward Ogilvie. She instead likes to make her own choices. 

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mkcapen1 | Student

In the book Fever 1793 Mattie is our heroine who succumbs to a fever outbreak the summer of 1793, recovers, and tries to help her grandfather and then her friend.

One of the things that Mattie likes is fishing.  She also enjoys being able to roll her sleeves up and enjoy the sunshine.  Mattie also likes a fellow named Nathaniel Benson.  She has known him all of her life, but he now gives her shivers when she sees him.  She likes the family cat Silas and helping operate her grandfather's coffee house.  She loves her grandfather.