What are the materials used for constructing driveway?

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The materials used for building a driveway would depend on the type of driveway you want to build. Driveways can be made of gravel, asphalt, concrete, etc.

A gravel driveway would require stones of different sizes to be placed as layers with the largest forming the bottom most layer, followed by a couple of layers of smaller stones.

An asphalt driveway would require stones, asphalt, and tar. The asphalt would have to be spread out over the layer of stones and all cracks filled in with the molten tar.

The concrete driveway would need a layer of stones, on which a mesh or rebar is placed and then a mixture of cement is poured.

The information provided above is only to give you a rough idea and would not be of much use if you are actually planning to build a driveway.

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