What is the master plot in The Metamorphosis?

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wannam eNotes educator| Certified Educator
The Metamorphosis is about the strange life of Gregor Samsa. He begins the story as a disgruntled employee and a generally unhappy man. His unusual transformation from man to insect captures the reader's attention. Gregor is responsible for taking care of his family's financial needs, so his transformation leads to some interesting consequences. Gregor's sister tries to help care for him while his father is far more antagonistic. In fact, his father causes him physical injury by hitting him with an apple. Many aspects of this story, particularly the father-son relationship, mirror Kafka's own life. While most critics agree that the structure of the story is above reproach, they question the story's meaning. Some believe that it is a metaphor for the human condition. Others see a deeper, spiritual meaning. Many believe it is a story designed to solicit an emotional response from readers. We often identify with the emotions portrayed in the story such as loneliness and isolation.
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