What is the Mass-Volume realtionship of soil properties?

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The properties of soil are its aggregate composition (mineral particles, air, water, empty space) and its structure and plasticity. These comprise the properties of soil.

Total volume of soil is shown as V(T) [T is subscript].

Total mass or weight of soil is shown as W(T) [T is subscript].

The calculation for the mass-volume relationship of soil properties is calculated by making V(V) Volume of Void equal to volume of air plus volume of water [V(V) = V(A) + V(W)] with total volume expressing the weight-volume relationship.

Thus the weight (mass)-volume relationship is calculated as:

V(T) = V(V) + V(S) 

V(S) is volume of soil particles. Thus the  four properties of soil (mineral particles, air, water and void space) are all considered in the calculation.