What mass of sodium oxide will be formed by burning 20g of sodium in airĀ 

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Sodium oxide can be formed by burning sodium in air using the following chemical reaction:

`2 Na + 1/2 O_2 -> Na_2O`

i.e. 2 moles of sodium will produce one mole of sodium oxide.

The atomic weight of sodium is 23 and that of oxygen is 16. Hence the atomic weight of sodium oxide = 2x23+16 = 62 gm/mole

From the chemical reaction: 2 moles of sodium form 1 mole of sodium oxide.

or 2x23 gm sodium forms 62 gm sodium oxide

or, 46 gm sodium forms 62 gm sodium oxide

or 1 gm sodium forms 62/46 gm sodium oxide

or, 20 gm sodium will form 62x20/46 gm = 26.96 gm sodium oxide

Hope this helps

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